simplydorei (simplydorei) wrote in housewifery,

Another new member...

Hello, all! Just ran across this group and loved it, so i thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Kelly, and i'm a 31 year old Air Force Wife. My husband i have just married last Valentine's Day. i'm still making that transition from career to housewife...and while i love it so far, it is quite a change from my normal day!

However, any of my friends can tell you that i've always been more than a little OCD when it comes to the way my home looks. The funny part is that i've spent the past week preening over the comments that our handyman has made over my housekeeping! When he checked the kitchen sink for a problem recently, he told me that it was always a pleasure to come to my house and he appreciated how clean it was...and then the other day he introduced me to the building cleaning woman as the best housekeeper in residence! Somehow, that makes this transition all the easier.
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