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*waves* I'm new, will be married in 2 months!
Have been living with my fiance for two and a half years.
Can't wait to be a housewife!

Just thought this was awesomely cute...

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I read your post that said you can't wait to be a housewife. Hmm, I've been one for longer than I care to remember (can remember??) and wish you lots of luck. Keep up your cheery attitude.
I wanted to ask, though, and thought since we didn't know each other, I wouldn't be being rude to ask. Something I've wondered about": You *kids* live together for a while, and then get married. Why do you live together? Why not enjoy your freedom and separateness and then make the commitment and then live together?
It also seems kind of odd to me to be invited to large white weddings and to make purchases from a long registry list, for people who have been married, in all but the law, for years.What is the difference between living together and being married? Would you advise your children to live together for a few years first?
*sigh* I really don't understand people who think this is demeaning...when people like us see it as paradise.